Monday, January 22, 2018

Codornices Park, Berkeley, CA

Codornices Park in Berkeley, California, is a fun playground with something we'd never seen before--a concrete slide! That was the first feature our children went for, and they were not disappointed. Well, except for the prescholar, who we didn't allow to go down the slide. He had fun with other parts of the playground.

A still image of the slide, for those too shy to click on the YouTube link

My youngest son enjoyed the metal slide, which was a distressingly high climb, at least to us parents.

At the top of another slide

On his way down

The playground does have an area especially for younger visitors, which he used extensively.

Five and under area

He pretended to enjoy the green slide, though he got more enjoyment from the trolley car and the swing, which is his favorite piece of playground equipment.

A slide good for going down and up

At the wheel of the trolley


His sister came and played in the big sand box with him.

Sand box

View of the big kid playground from the little kid playground

Meanwhile, my oldest son hung out with the son of the friend we met at the park. They had fun exploring the river and climbing on the trees.

River explorations

Easy tree climbing

We thought the area was a good one for a geocache, so we fired up the Geocaching app on my phone and discovered one across the street. Happily, the park has a tunnel under the street to the Rose Garden on the other side, so we used that to continue our adventures.

Goodbye, play ground

Hello, tunnel

Other side of the tunnel

Stairs in case you have to cross the road

More on our geocaching adventures in the next post!

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