Wednesday, January 3, 2018

TV Review: Glitch Season Two (2017)

Glitch Season Two (2017) created by Louise Fox and Tony Ayres

See my review of the first season here.

The stories continue for the five remaining people who crawled out of their graves without any memories of who they were. Over the first season, memories slowly came back and a few of them were able to piece together at least some of their previous lives and why they died. The piecing together continues in this series, providing closure for at least three of them. Those stories are more of the same mid-level melodrama as they were in the first series.

Some new complications arise in this season. A newly resurrected person shows up and starts hunting down the others. His intent is clear though his purpose is rather vague. He also has some inexplicable powers that no other resurrected people have. Those powers are mystifying and are never satisfactorily explained. His character seems to exist solely to make the story more dramatic. Unfortunately, he also makes it less sensible. I was hoping by the end of the season there'd be some answers, but it's all left frustratingly vague.

Another complication that seems to be introduced only to heighten the drama is the border beyond which the initial resurrected cannot pass without dying again. The border begins to shrink while at the same time the newly resurrected people (there's more than the executioner) are not effected at all. Why some are limited and some are not is also never explained and it's hard to come up with a reason to explain it. The whole process of resurrection is given a veneer of science, but it's so unconvincing that it becomes distracting and unsatisfying.

The show was already just barely above average in the first season. I was sad to see it slip down as the second season went on. I hoped that things would make more sense by the end but that hope was unfulfilled.

Not recommended.

If you must watch it, the series is streaming on Netflix. It's not available on DVD in America.

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