Monday, January 29, 2018

Saint Gregory Church, San Mateo, CA

Saint Gregory Church in San Mateo was our choice for Sunday Mass while in California. The church was built in the 1950s but clearly they had reverence for the mission style so prominent in California.

Saint Gregory Church, San Mateo, California

The nave is warm and inviting. The Christmas decorations fostered a homelike feel.


Main altar with Christmas decor

The side altars to the right and left of the main altar are dedicated to Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the right aisle is a side altar dedicated to the Holy Family, which I found delightful.

Saint Joseph altar

Mary altar

Holy Family altar, with Mary fixing Jesus's hair!

The other sacred decorations are also delightful.

Third station of the Cross

Rose window at the back of the church (or over the front door as in the top picture)

Feed My Sheep window, by the main altar

Entry into the Promised Land

We went to Saint Gregory's for the Sunday between Christmas and the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (January 1). Their Nativity scene is lovely and was popular with our kids.

Nativity scene

We liked the parish a lot and will probably go again next time we visit our California relatives.

A last shot of the exterior

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