Tuesday, January 2, 2018

BSA and AHG Report for December 2017

Here are some updates from my son's Cub Scout pack activities and my daughter's American Heritage Girl troop activities!

My son's Webelos den went to a local fire department as part of the First Responder requirement. The fire fighters who were supposed to give us the tour got called out two times! The first time they were back in less than five minutes--a false alarm. The second time it was more like fifteen minutes. The boys had fun looking at the trucks and exploring the station.

The lockers and equipment area

My son, maybe making a face?

My son, definitely making a face

The fireman pole

Naturally, the boys asked about the pole, especially if they could try it out. The firefighter said he had been working for six or seven years and this was the first station he saw with a pole. Most stations have phased them out due to the hazard of actually using the pole. Most stations have stairs (this station has stairs right next to the pole). He said one station had slides for the firefighters to get downstairs quickly. The station we were at has the bunk rooms on the first floor, along with the kitchen and recreation facilities. Upstairs is only offices and storage, so the fire fighters are hardly ever up there. The pole hardly sees any action.

The tour was great, well worth the wait between calls.

Later in the month, the pack participated in Wreaths Across America at the Laurel City Hall and Ivy Hill Cemetery. The event was a cross-over opportunity, since my daughter's American Heritage Girls sang the National Anthem as part of the ceremonies before the wreath laying.

City hall

The AHG chorus

Presentation of colors (and boy with bright idea)

The girls sang after the colors were presented. Part of the ceremony had members of different military branches putting up wreaths and saluting them in town hall. The mayor also spoke briefly.

Wreath for POWs and MIAs

Laurel mayor

The delivery of wreaths didn't make it, so one of the city workers went and bought eighty wreaths from a local nursery. The groups that were there each took one wreath so that everyone would get a chance to participate. We then followed the colors across the street to Ivy Hill Cemetery, where veterans from as far back as the American Civil War are buried.

Following the colors

A small parade

My son

For our scout pack, my son picked the grave we'd put the wreath on and the other boys helped lay the wreath. Since the cemetery has so many flat headstone, they gave us a stand on which to put the wreath.

Grave of Pvt. Hoyt Hutchinson

Putting down the stand

Putting the wreath on the stand

Another group

 Since my daughter sang, she got a key to the city! It's actually a pin, but still pretty cool.

Key to the City of Laurel

They were so good at singing the National Anthem that they did a repeat performance at the Court of Awards/Christmas Party for their troop. My daughter was happy to sing again and to get awards.

The AHG singers

Receiving awards

Tenderhearts who earned awards

My daughter and her new patches

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