Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Beresford Park Playground

While in California, we visited the Beresford Park Playground in San Mateo, California. The park includes picnic areas, tennis courts, bocci ball courts, a skate park, and the main attraction for us, a large playground. The climbing structures for the older kids (older being 5-12) was rather amazing and fun and the initial focus of our kids.

Two towers

Another angle

Requirements to play!

 They also have a toddler climber for the younger set which was fun for our prescholar and didn't have such stringent requirements.

Fun climbing

On the lookout

Ready to exit

Near to the toddler climber is the favorite of our littlest--the swing sets. He loves swinging as high as possible, so naturally he wants daddy to push rather than mommy. I am a bit more vigorous.

Swinging for the stars

 Even though he is underage, he tried out the big climbing structure. He was able to get up into the structure with a little help but wasn't entirely comfortable once there.

Fun being naughty

We visited with the cousins who had fun playing with on the various equipment, especially with adult help, if not supervision.


Another good challenge for all ages was a long, netted climber. The parents and grandparents weren't brave enough to try it. The kids had a great time on it.

Long, twisty fun

Toddler on the easy part

Older son by the big climbers

The next day we visited again and my son practiced batting on his own on one of the ball fields!

Old toss and hit routine

After connecting

We highly recommend this playground!

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