Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Library Story Times March 2018

We love visiting our local library. Where else can I feed my reading and video watching habits so easily and so inexpensively? Public libraries are awesome. Since March heralds the warmer weather of Spring, the story times had a spring flavor.

The first story time had the theme "birds." The craft was one of the most intensely difficult yet--making a bird out of paper. This wasn't origami-hard, but it was challenging enough...

Big challenge #1: putting string through a hole!

Big challenge #2: putting folded-up paper through the same hole!

Big challenge #3: fanning out the paper to make wings

Proud of finished product!

The next week they continued the "birds" theme by reading The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems. To reinforce the message of good hygiene, the children stood in the middle of the room and had a shower of bubbles.

Why have a bubble bath when you can have a bubble shower?

The craft had the kids building a bird popping out of an egg. That involved some gluing and folding, with optional coloring.

Opening the glue to fix the bird in the egg

Optional coloring

Finished product

The next week's library story time theme was "bunny," including the fun book Everybunny Count!, which mostly involved practicing counting during a hide and seek game between a bunch of bunnies and a fox (though if you ask me, a more realistic story would have the fox doing more than just seeking the bunnies). The craft was pretty easy--putting a bunny in a grassy scene. A little glue and some coloring and we were done.

A little glue

A little coloring

And we're done

We made it to the last of the Spring into Science programs. The final theme was "seeds." He filled a small planter with dirt and three sunflower seeds, then did some scientific investigating of seeds in fruit (how many, how big, etc.).

Planting seeds

Checking out the pre-cut apple

The craft was a flower budding out of a pot. This craft was much easier than previous science crafts, involving glue and crayons only.

Gluing the flower together

Happy with the final product

Smell test

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