Monday, August 27, 2018

Book Review: Spill Zone Vol. 2 by S. Westerfield et al.

Spill Zone Volume 2: The Broken Vow written by Scott Westerfield and illustrated by Alex Puvilland

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After the surprise revelation of another Spill Zone in North Korea, we find out a lone survivor, Jae, has come to the New York Spill Zone to find out more information. Also, the North Korean government has sent a delegation to acquire something from the restricted area so that the "Brilliant Comrade" can use the strange powers that Jae has (flying around is one among many). Our heroine Addison develops powers too when she is exposed to the "something" that she's been paid a million dollars to sneak out of the Zone. She gets her powers just in time, because something has come from the other side of the Spill for its bride--an entity that's pals with Addison's kid sister (the entity inhabits one of her dolls). The entity doesn't want to go back to the other side, so there's bound to be trouble.

The story is weird and interesting, as is the art. The politics are low-key--the North Korean leader never shows up and is more of a MacGuffin than an actual character. I enjoyed the book a lot and was happy to see the story actually come to an end (though they left room for a sequel).


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