Monday, August 13, 2018

VBS 2018

We still go every summer to the Vacation Bible School at our old parish because they do such a great job (and we were out of town for the VBS at our new parish). For the past few years, they've run the VBS with a neighboring parish, St. Francis. St. Francis hosted the event this year, transforming the parish grounds into the location of Shipwrecked - Saved by Jesus.

Happy VBS campers with St. Francis

VBS main area

The main area undecorated, just for comparison

More decor

We enjoyed every day of the program, with daily activities including arts and crafts, stories of saints, dancing, prayer time, snack time, etc. The crafts had a wide range and followed the theme nicely.

A bookmark (okay, not so thematic)

A lighthouse is totally thematic

A guy in a life preserver 

Castaway's journal, pencil, and raft

As in past years, they collected school supplies each day for a needy school in Baltimore. Daily totals were made for each group and the one with the most items got prizes. My daughter's group came in first one day and she chose a slinky from the prize basket.

She's been too busy running around with it, so this is all I got to show you

Once the program was done, we had one last event. The kids gathered a half hour before the 5 p.m. Saturday evening Mass for dancing and singing to the songs one last time. Our preschooler was a little reluctant so his big brother went up with him. They had fun.

Preschooler just watching the first time

Catching up on the choreography

Almost in sync

All together!

We had a lot of fun and look forward to next year's VBS!

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