Monday, August 20, 2018

Over 400 Geocaches!

We found our 401st geocache in College Park, Maryland. We had to drop something off at an Amazon pickup location. University of Maryland has a location that's staffed by people (not just a block of lockers) probably because of renting text books through Amazon.

We drove to a nearby playground where My First Cache is located. The cache is an easy find near some shrubbery.

Cache location

My daughter was the first to find this particular cache. She was proud to be the first among equals.

The cache is just behind a community gardening area that looked interesting to my wife.

Community garden

The biggest draw for the kids was the playground. In addition to trying out the equipment, they played "the ground is lava." I wound up being a lava monster, which meant that I could grab them and force them into the lava. At least, I think that's what I was supposed to do. Other opinions are available.

Big playground

Preschooler playground

Avoiding the lava-ground

Ready to slide


#402 was on the way to Dice Tower Con 2018. We stopped at a Georgia rest area, did some resting, and found one of the four caches there. The find wasn't too hard except for the heat and a little bushwhacking.

Georgia Visitors Center

Sort of where the geocache is

The geocache had a game-themed travel bug in it! Wizards of the Coast are the creators of Magic: The Gathering. To celebrate one of the set releases, they also released a bunch of travel bugs. This particular one is some sort of armored vampire.

Magic: The Travel Bug

We dropped the travel bug on our way home from the convention at Blandford, a geocache near Petersburg, Virginia. The cache is located in a graveyard that dates back to the early 1700s.

Blandford Cemetery

The cache is in a wooded area on the edge of the cemetery. Everyone was in shorts except me, so I wound up going in by myself. The vegetation was high but I didn't get any ticks or poison ivy. The find was pretty easy.

The cache area

I almost ran into some deer who were taking an afternoon rest. I barely got them in a photo.

Deer in the woods

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