Monday, August 15, 2011

Crumpet Conundrum

One of the foods we'd heard about but never tried before coming to the UK is the breakfast item called a crumpet. One can make crumpets at home but prepackaged crumpets are readily available in most grocery stores in the bread aisle. That's how we've been having them.

The tricky thing about explaining them is whether they more like American pancakes or like English muffins. They are cooked in a pan and the bottom of crumpet really looks like a pancake. The flavor and texture is very unlike a pancake and they tend to be much thicker too. So they aren't really a pancake in the American sense.

Bottom-side view, looks like a small pancake

On the other side, it definitely looks like an English muffin, with nooks and crannies to soak up all the luscious butter we put on them. Also, the store bought ones are heated up in a toaster like English muffins. Often jelly or another sweet or savory topping is added on top of the butter. We usually use honey if anything. We just bought a jar of lemon butter which may also taste nice. The flavor of the crumpet is more robust and the texture is more sponge-like than an English muffin. Also, the eater does not have to cut the crumpet in half to get at the wonderfully textured interior. So they aren't quite like English muffins either.

Has lots of butter, waiting for another topping or a hungry eater

It does have some great features of both with its own unique flavor. If Frankenstein were a happy story, it would probably be about a mad scientist/cook who cobbles together this wonderful breakfast treat from the parts of other morning meal items.

Bread good! Crumpet better!!

I recommend trying them if you have the chance. They go well with eggs and bacon or two crumpets are quite filling on their own. They go well with tea, too!


  1. Crumpets for breakfast?Is this a joke?
    Crumpets are for tea time!
    We used to put the plate by the fire, to keep them hot, so they tasted of wood smoke
    Mt father remembered the muffin man shouting "Muffins! Crumpets!"and that told him that school was over for the day and it would soon be teatime

  2. What! Have we been eating them at the wrong time? Yikes! They need to label the packages better. We have a lot to learn still.

  3. Was not altogether serious!. But, historically, they were most certainly teatime food!

  4. hahaha, as an American I just buy a package at the market, pop them in the toaster, butter, jam and eat them anytime I want. Who does tea time anymore?