Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Dolly!

We finally made it to a regular story time at one of the local libraries. Jacob, Lucy, and I arrived with almost no time to spare. We wove our way through the stacks to the children's room to hear about all sorts of farm animals.

Science gone awry!?!
The librarian read a book about various farm animals followed by one about a cow who lost her moo. She (the cow) went to all the animals on the farm to see who had her special sound. She (the librarian) finished with another book about a sheep. Jacob was very attentive but still wanted to sit closer to me than to her. Lucy sat in my lap for a while and then wandered a bit, winding up at a table with a different book. The librarian didn't seem to mind, though I thought it was pretty uncouth. They'll warm up to her if we keep going, I am sure.

After stories, we moved to the little tables for a craft. In this craft, Jacob and Lucy had much delight. They both made sheep. Being of the mad scientific bent, they were glad to receive training in cloning lower life forms. Here are their results:

They also cloned some grass for bonus points.

Mommy was very proud of her children when she came home and saw the sheep. Jacob and Lucy are looking forward to future story times here in England. And so am I.

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