Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Henry the Helpful Handybot

Until our regular stuff arrives, we've borrowed a bunch of household items to make our new home more livable. One thing we borrowed is a vacuum cleaner. But not just any vacuum, it's Henry the vacuum cleaner.

Good thing he isn't called "Pinocchio"

So far, we have used him to clean up the kitchen floor after meals. I mean after every meal. We must learn to serve less crumby food or teach our children to be more neat while eating. At three- and two-years old, they are not very interested in being neat and clean. We are happy if they eat what we set before them.

Jacob was quite happy to help out with the vacuuming. I'm not sure if he's having a flashback to other happy memories of vacuuming the couch in Maryland, or he is developing a joy for household chores. Or maybe just the novelty of playing with a new household friend.

The vacuum does remind me of a Sirius Cybernetics-type robot from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The company tried to make their robots more likable and relateable by giving them personalities. So doors were super-chipper when they'd open and shut for people. Or spaceships had the sort of upbeat and relentlessly helpful attitudes that annoy any normal person.

I hope Henry doesn't becoming annoying to us. He's here for the duration of our stay. We put our vacuum in storage because of the voltage/outlet issues.

Which plug would you use?

Some household appliances are okay with a plug adapter or a transformer. Machines with motors don't fair well according to all we read and heard before coming, so we didn't bring the vacuum or the blender or the bread maker. I'm sure we'll find suitable if not smiling substitutes for what we left behind.

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