Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flu Shots 2011

I took the kids to a local clinic to get flu shots. Jacob was understandably unwelcoming to getting shots. I talked to him the day before we went and he said, "Jacob doesn't want to get a shot." (He often refers to himself in the third person).

I explained to him that it would hurt a little bit but it would make him better. He asked what the flu was, providing an opening I wasn't sure would work. I tried to explain the flu, where your nose is runny and you lay in bed and have no energy. Auntie Gayle, who is visiting, threw in that the room feels like it's spinning. Jacob was fascinated with this idea and wanted to know more. I said it was like being on a merry-go-round or a roundabout, then getting off and feeling like everything was still moving. He said, "Like this?" and spun himself around and around. He made me smile and I said yes.

Then I tried to explain about the shot. I said, "It will hurt for a little while but that is much better than being sick for a week." He seemed convinced and comforted by the fact that I'd get a shot too and Lucy would get two shots (she also needed her delayed Hep-A shot for two-year olds).

Jacob was the first to be shot. The medical technician asked if Jacob wanted a shot or the nasal spray version. Jacob opted for the shot. I guess the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. He sat in my lap and I held his arms to keep him from sudden movements. Jacob watched her jab him with the needle, which went in quite deep. He got upset at that but didn't cry. He was very brave. The lady offered him a gummy bear as a treat for the shot, but Jacob still maintains his disinterest in sweets.

Lucy's turn was next. Learning from Jacob's experience, I covered Lucy's eyes while holding her arms so she couldn't watch the shot. The first shot was okay; the second elicited a small amount of crying. Once band-aids were on, Lucy felt better. She did not turn down the gummy bear. If she had thought of it, I'm sure she would have asked for Jacob's bear.

I went last and got the arm stick. Learning from Jacob's experience, I didn't watch the needle go in and felt a little better about that. My arm was sore later that afternoon.

I would highly recommend hiding your child's eyes when he or she is getting a shot (or multiple shots). It made things a lot easier for Lucy. I'll hide Jacob's eyes next year.

And, yes, I did take a gummy bear for being brave.

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