Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shambling off to the Library

The other day Jacob, Lucy, and I walked to the local library, which is a bit of a hike but not too bad. Usually we stop somewhere along the way to get a treat. We always have fun when we get there.

This time, Jacob wanted me to bring along the camera. The library was recently renovated, and in the stairway a couple of niches can be found. Jacob has been dying to have his picture taken in one of them for the longest time, but I always forget the camera. Jacob was ecstatic when I showed him the camera as we walked.

We tried to stop at a local coffee shop for a snack. The day was windy and a little bit rainy. When we got into the shop, we noticed that all the tables were occupied. After looking over the various muffins, granola bars, flapjacks, and other baked delights, Jacob decided we should go somewhere else. Outside, I asked why he wanted to leave. He said he was sad because there were no chairs to sit. Maybe next time.

We continued on to the library. Jacob is pretty awesome at walking. He can go the distance. Lucy needed to be carried a few times. Usually, we have a "two minutes of carrying, two minutes of walking" policy that has varying levels of enforcement and cooperation. Lucy kept up her end of the bargain.

Arriving at the library, we went inside and made a beeline for the stairs. Lucy wanted to take the elevator, but she was outvoted by the boys. Jacob found the right spots for his photos, and even let Lucy in for a few.

Jacob "Blurry Hands"

Jacob and Lucy find their niche

Room for more, come and visit!

Then we finished going upstairs. I found some books on wireless networks. Our home network is only good if the laptop, printer, Xbox, or other device is on the same floor as the router. Downstairs or upstairs reception is spotty at best. Hopefully there will be some good advice. I've already moved the UK router around twice. We have the old router from the USA; I hope I can use it to boost the signal somehow.

After that, we went down the stairs to the children's room, kept in the basement for some reason. We played with a few toys and picked out some books. Jacob loves checking out his own books at the self-service kiosk. He has his own library card (which I carry). He scanned the card then pressed the on-screen buttons to get his books logged in the system. The machine has a small shelf where the books go. The books have a small microchip that the machine scans and knows which books are on the shelf. At the end, Jacob pushed the button for a paper receipt. He took it and off we went.

Jacob and an ill-fated receipt

Amazingly, Lucy got a good picture of Daddy and Jacob (using his zombie mojo on me)

When we stepped outside, Jacob immediately whined, "I wish we had the car so we could drive home. I'm so tired. Daddy carry me...all the way home!" Luckily, I was able to talk him down and he did manage to make the long trek back to our house. It was a close call. We should have made a beeline for a snack to bolster his ability, but I was worried about spoiling his lunch appetite. He cheered up in five minutes.

In eight minutes, he lost his grip on the receipt in the gusty wind. It started blowing down the sidewalk in front of us. I managed to catch up with it and step on it. Jacob was relieved to recover it. I suggested he put it in one of his pockets. He didn't know he had pockets, so I showed him on his jacket and his pants. He put the receipt in briefly, but took it out again soon. That turned out to be a fatal mistake. Another gust took hold of the receipt and swept up into the air and around the corner of a building. Distraught, Jacob asked to go back to the library to get a new receipt. I offered my receipt but that was no good. I was able to talk him down again, much to my relief.

Eventually we made it home safe and sound. Jacob forgot about the lost receipt but was excited to show Mommy his pockets when she got home for work later that day. I'm glad he remembers the good things.

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