Monday, September 19, 2011

Flying to Germany for Fun and Adventure

This week we are on a trip to Germany, partly for work and partly for vacation. We flew out of Manchester, UK, through Amersterdam to Stuttgart, Germany.

Going through UK security was a little different from America. We didn't have to take our shoes off but we did have to put our belts on the x-ray belt. Everything else was similar to the USA customs: put your coat, pocket stuff, and carry-on/hand luggage on the conveyor through the x-ray machine. Laptops ride separately. Things went smoothly (except for the tube of butt cream in the diaper bag) and we made it in time for a potty stop before boarding. Jacob didn't want to use the airport potty because of the hand driers, but he was fine using the plane's potty.

We had to go through security a second time at Schiphol Airport in Amersterdam. The routine was the same: put your belt and coat and pocket stuff and carry-on/hand luggage on the conveyor through the x-ray machine. The only difference was when taking the laptop out of the bag, the nice man behind the counter had me open it up. Not sure what they were hoping (or dreading) to find. That was the only difference.

At Stuttgart, we had no problem getting through customs. We had nothing to declare, so we just walked right through to the luggage claim. The weird thing there was a little model house that went around the conveyor. On the roof of the house was information about condos or townhouses available for purchase. What a creative and odd ad. I wonder if this idea will make it to America (or already has). Lucy wanted to play with it.

The bad thing at the luggage claim was the absence of our bags from the conveyor belt. We had to go to the nearby missing bag desk. We reported what was missing and then headed off to the hotel.

The local subway, known as the S-Bahn, has a line at the airport. We were able to get on with a little help from the tourist office at the airport. With the proper card in hand, we were on our way to the hotel.

Our hotel in Vaihingen is right next to the rail station. We crossed one street and walked right into the lobby. We checked in, told them about our luggage (most all of the staff speaks perfect English; the rest have just average proficiency in English), and headed upstairs for some well needed rest.

NOTE: More posts as internet access and time allows!

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