Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's About Time We Hung Something on the Wall

One of the milestones of moving into a new place is when you hang up something on the wall. The sense of permanence (even if the permanence only lasts three years) fills you and you think to yourself, "This place is really mine. I live here."

When I lived in Silver Spring for a year, it took me eight months to hang stuff on the walls. I didn't get to enjoy it too long before I was married and moved into my bride's house. Still, it was nice to get posters and other art on the wall and it felt great.

Today, we hung our first items:

Dinner time!

Play time!

It may seem lame that we've only hung clocks, but (1) it's just the start and (2) it enabled the great pun in the title of this post. Well, at least I think it's a great pun.

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