Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haworth 1940s Weekend Part II

After a nice lunch at a local pub, we headed down Main Street, Haworth, to enjoy more of the 1940s festival (click here to see Part I). The crowds were ebbing and flowing, sometimes overwhelming us, sometimes hardly being there.

Not so crowded street

Much more crowded street

The street was lined with stores that had vintage decorations or sales going on. Everything from book stores to candy shops to restaurants to the New Age store were all in on the act.

Patriotic propaganda from the good ole days

Book store with funny signs

Vehicle ashamed of its modernity

At the bottom of the hill was the Haworth Home Guard, ready to take care of things if the Jerrys showed up. They featured a vintage jeep and an unexploded bomb.

The Home Guard HQ


Another jeep

Vintage bus across the street

We headed across the street into Central Park, which had more classic cars, sales booths, and the favorite of the day, a playground!

Entering Central Park

More classic cars

L at the playground on a new piece of equipment

J comes out the covered slide, nice and dry!

We stayed at the playground until it was time for the Afternoon Tea Dance at the community centre. We payed the nominal fee of £3 each to get in (the kids were free) and found the dance floor. The first few songs played by the DJ were too slow for  swing dancing, so no one danced. Finally the pace picked up and my wife and I were the first ones on the floor. Soon enough the whole crowd got into it, including J and L. They insisted on dancing with us parents, which was alright. L did cut in during the dance lesson, preventing me from dancing with some random woman.

J and Mommy dance!

Super-hammy pose

We had some tea and treats as well. Soon enough it was time to head back up the hill to the car park. Along the way we saw a parade coming down. It featured the usual bands and costumed people. One group of women dressed as the Land Army. The Land Army was a group of women (mostly city women) who went to work on farms to keep the food production up during the war. An episode of Foyle's War featured the Land Army so we knew all about it (sort of).

Band in the parade

Land Army on the march!

We finally made it back to the car and headed home with lots of happy memories of Haworth. A few weeks later I did get to see the Bronte Museum but we'll have another 1940s-ish post before I post about that!

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