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St. Michael and All Angels Church, Haworth

The parish of Haworth, UK, is St. Michael and All Angels. It's claim to fame is that Patrick Bronte, father to the famous literary icons the Bronte sisters, was pastor there from 1820 to 1861. The church was rebuilt from 1879 to 1881 and little remains of the previous church. It still functions as a Church of England parish.

St. Michael and All Angels Church, Haworth


You might notice the very crowded and highly decorated nature of the church. We visited during the 1940s weekend and the church hosted a gift fair on that Saturday. Thus the pulpit was surrounded by gift bags and the baptismal font by Union Jacks!

Modest pulpit

Just in case you didn't know you were being baptized in the CoE

The main altar was happily unassailed by festive decorations.

Main altar

A chapel is dedicated to the Bronte family and a pillar shows where they are all buried (except for daughter Anne who is buried in Scarborough). Since the church was rebuilt, the vault is now inaccessible.

Sign for the Bronte Tomb

Plaque in the floor next to the pillar

Bronte chapel to the right of the main altar

The chapel features some fine stained glass, as does the rest of the church.

Bronte Chapel window

Infancy Narrative window

West window at the back of the church

The confessional in the back was also spared from decorations. The simplicity of it is probably a reflection of the Anglican and Methodist influences at the time the church was rebuilt.


More on the 1940s weekend in the next two posts!

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