Monday, June 3, 2013

Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm

Yes, you read that title right...there is a farm for ice cream in the Yorkshire Dales! You may be asking yourself, "What sort of plants or animals do they have there, and how do I get some?" The only animals we saw at the farm were sheep in the fields.

Baaad news for you ice cream lovers!

While it is a functioning farm, visitors do not get to see much actual farming. The draw for the curious is two-fold--a fantastic playground and an American 1950s -style diner. When we arrived one Saturday morning, you can guess what the children went for first.

View of the playground from the playground

Most of the playground equipment is wooden, giving it a more farm-like feel. The vehicles definitely reminded us of farming and were good practice for the kids if they want a future as farmers.

Big tractor

L wheelbarrow-mistress

Other fun forms of transportation were available for climbing and exploring.

Train with plenty of cars

Boat with swings on deck

Other side of the boat (and other side of L)

They even had a sweet wooden fort that was for children only. At least, that's what J told us when we tried to go in. Maybe our assault should have been more vigorous!

J on the look-out

L prepares to use the emergency exit

Sliding to safety

J escapes, but from the boat, not the fort

We took a little break and went into the diner, which had a coffee station, an ice cream station, and a cafeteria-style food station.

The ice cream parlor

So many flavor choices!

L had a hard time choosing, until she found out there was bubble gum flavor. That ice cream was blue, as she clearly demonstrates.

Not so sure about this?!?

A satisfied customer!

Rest assured, I also had some ice cream, though I chose cookie dough, which was not blue.

Yummy treat for me!

Back outside, we tried out some of the more conventional playground equipment.

Tire swing!

Web swing!

Rope swing!

We had a good time even though we didn't see many farm animals. A sign on the ice cream parlor said that if we wanted to see animals, we should drive to Hesketh Farm Park just up the road. So that is what we did.  More on that in tomorrow's post!

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