Sunday, June 2, 2013

Church of the Assumption, Chania, Crete

The Church of the Assumption is the Roman Catholic church right across the street from the Greek Orthodox church in Chania. A row of buildings sits in front of the Catholic church, making it a little hard to find. But not too hard since a small sign that says "Ecclesia Katholika" points down the alleyway.

Alleyway to Catholic church

Church of the Assumption, Chania

The church was built in the 19th century and the small complex served as the first girls' school in Chania. The courtyard is still open and has a nice statue of St. Francis (whose nearby Venetian church has been turned into the Archaeological Museum).

St. Francis in the garden

J admires the crazy plants

Wall-mounted sun dial!

The interior of the church is small, white, and bright. Since it served a girls' school, it was probably designed for the students to use rather than the local Catholic population.

Nave and sanctuary

One of the cool things to see was a banner for the Year of Faith, which is being celebrated world-wide by Catholics. I've enjoyed spotting the same logo surrounded by different languages as we have wandered around Europe.

Year of Faith in Greek!

They have a nice painting of St. Joseph and a lovely Pieta statue along with other typical decorations.

St. Joseph


More saints!

The votive candles are definitely Greek style--long stick-like candles pushed into sand or, in this case, sand and water.

Votive candles

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