Tuesday, December 2, 2014

L's Class Visit to the Farm

L's class went to a farm in October 2014, specifically Sharp's at Waterford Farm. I was lucky enough to go along as a chaperone. The first thing we did at the farm was hear a talk by the farmer on farm safety, things to see and do, and where the toilets are (important for Kindergartners).

The farmer explains it all to the kindergarten class

We saw the farm's beekeeping set up and some other equipment in the barn before we headed out on the highlight of the trip--the hayride!

We sat right behind the tractor

Goodbye barn!

Corn, a path, a house in the distance

Corn, harvested

We were headed right for a creek!

No one got wet on the ride, luckily

Back to civilization

More harvested corn

Back at the barns, L fed some of the animals, including goats and cows.

The goats are always eating!

Cows uninterested in eating

L and her friends also had the opportunity to go into the last remaining corn field and pick an ear of popping corn. She enjoyed that greatly, especially a few days later when it was ready to pop! I was surprised that we could just put the kernels in a paper bag and microwave them. It worked perfectly.


We picked out a pumpkin too, though the pumpkin patch seemed more like it was seeded with pumpkins than they were grown there. Finding a good one was a little tricky.

Path to the pumpkin patch

A ripe and a not-so right one

We rounded out the day with a picnic lunch and a visit to the big cutouts.

Chickens and pigs both love corn!

L as a cow

L as a farmer

L as the sheep

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