Friday, December 5, 2014

Oxford Bits

Here's some leftovers from Oxford!

Many picturesque buildings are scattered throughout Oxford. Here are some that I thought were photogenic.

Crown Court

Magdalen College

Christ Church's courtyard

Not sure which school this was

Again, it's been too long since the trip!

Another unidentified college

City Hall

Queen's College

Many fine sculptures adorn buildings.

Conferring degrees

Examination board?


Goats and vines

As a college town, bikes are a popular and inexpensive way for students to travel. Parking regulations take that into account.



Walking is another popular mode of transportation, with paths and gardens galore.

Walking path by Christ Church


Botanic Garden

The town includes a copy of Venice's Bridge of Sighs, though this one connects Hertford College's buildings, not the governor's palace and the prison.

Oxford Bridge of Sighs

Other side of the Bridge of Sighs

The town has a popular covered market since the English weather is not always conducive to outdoor markets.

The covered market

Another corner of the market

Golden Cross exit!

In case you've ever wondered about the name of the town, it is named after the fact that the river is easy to cross here, i.e. a "ford for oxen." Check out the town's symbol.

A picture worth less than a thousand words

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