Monday, December 8, 2014

What To Do With Breadcrusts

L doesn't like crusts on her sandwiches. Such a preference is a bit annoying but I won't go as far as buying crustless bread (which I have seen in the supermarket, to my bewildered horror). After all, J doesn't mind and neither do we parents. So I'll slice off the edges of bread for her. Sometimes I eat them as a snack later but usually I save them up. If we have a big batch (which sometimes requires freezing), we'll take it and feed fish. Here is one such outing:

L gets ready

L throws to the fish!

Enthusiastic (or perhaps aggressive) fish

We were throwing bread in long enough that we attracted the attention of other interested parties, namely a bunch of ducks. We don't discriminate based on species, so we started feeding them as well.

L serves a new customer

Sadly, our actions led to a bit of Darwinian competition between the underwater dwellers and the surface-water dwellers. No blood was spilled but feathers were ruffled.

Ducks and fish go for the same bits of bread!

No clear winner emerged, which makes me want to perform more experiments. Is that wrong?

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