Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Review: Morning Glories Vol. 4: Truants by Nick Spencer et al.

Morning Glories Volume 4: Truants written by Nick Spencer and art by Joe Eisma

After the surprising ending of the last volume, where some sort of time split happened leaving the teachers of Morning Glories Academy in a different state from most of the student who were out in the woods. This current day story is stuffed with flashbacks that fill in details about what's going on and the motivations of various characters. A new set of students have shown up and are working their own scheme (they caused the time rift). So things are even more complicated than before.

The plot is getting more outlandish which has me a bit worried. So many separate threads and odd details are introduced, it is hard to tell what's a red herring, what's there just because it's cool, and what's important to the main story (or will be important). The various parts are very interesting but is there a greater whole to be seen soon? I'm still intrigued enough to read the next issue.

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