Friday, April 29, 2016

Book Review: Avatar The Last Airbender Smoke and Shadow Part Three by Gene Luen Yang et al.

Avatar The Last Airbender Smoke and Shadow Part Three written by Gene Luen Yang, lettering by Michael Heisler, art and cover by Gurihiru

Reviews of Part One here and Part Two here!

Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang have chased down the Kemurikage and discovered Azula, Zuko's disenfranchised sister, is their leader. She escapes during the fight and kidnaps Zuko's baby sister. Zuko uses his authority as Fire Lord to shut down the capital city and round up all of the people involved with the New Ozai Society, which turns out to be an arm of the Kemurikage. Riots erupt. Can Zuko rescue the kidnapped children and keep the peace with his people? What is Azula's plan?

This volume finishes the story well. It focuses on the characters' motivations and has a nice awareness of the larger political situation. The book doesn't skimp on the action, either, though the humor is less than usual. The last page of the book promises the return of Sokka in October 2016 so you can be sure the humor will be back in full force then. I can't wait!

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