Monday, April 4, 2016

Cute Kid Pix March 2016

Here's another set of photos that didn't make their own blog post!

My son had a geography project at school. He worked with another boy to make a display of various geographic features, including mountains, seas, rivers, canyons, and vegetation. They decided to add a cave by folding over a strip of duct tape!

Reading about the display

The display itself

A favorite video series on YouTube is Nerdy Nummies. The host has an episode where she made Emoji Waffles. We tried it at home.

Sunglasses smiley

Ready to eat

Simple smiley face

Here's the video:

The toddler decided to use his new scribbling ability to write on the cover of the lap top, which explains why my daughter was erasing the computer!

Just don't erase the hard drive!

Granny visited and had fun reading to the toddler. He had fun too!

Fun reading

More fun reading and pointing!

My daughter and the neighbor decided to go Michelangelo on the outdoor shed.

Working on the doors

For Saint Patrick's Day, my daughter made a leprechaun trap for school. Naturally, they dressed in green to go to school.

Leprechaun Artist

Ready for school

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