Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review: The Walking Dead TP25: No Turning Back by Robert Kirkman et al.

The Walking Dead Trade Paperback 25: No Turning Back written by Robert Kirkman, penciled by Charlie Adlard, and inked by Stefano Guadiano

At the end of the last issue, Rick and company discovered the Whisperers' latest atrocity, killing twelve Alexandria people and leaving their heads on sticks to mark the border between the Whisperers and Alexandria. Rick's people process their grief pretty quickly and move onto anger and revenge. Most everyone wants to attack the Whisperers immediately. Rick doesn't think that's a good idea since they know nothing about where the Whisperers are or how many of them there are. He wants to make a plan before doing anything. The people get the impression that he wants to do nothing. They want blood for blood. Infighting breaks out. The situation becomes so desperate that Rick goes to the imprisoned Neegan for advice! Can Rick keep everyone civilized and strike back at the Whisperers?

This book is a return to form for the series. A lot of debate and discussion go on about the nature of leadership and the importance of keeping people safe. The issue is a bit low on zombie killing which doesn't bother me since the main dramatic interest is how the survivors try to live together with some modicum of safety and happiness. This issue makes me excited for more (something that hasn't happened for a while).

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