Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Toddler Skills

Our toddler is expanding his skill set at an alarmingly rapid pace! Three new levels have been acquired in a short month's time.

The toddler section of the library has a room with a bunch of fun toys. My son took the blocks and started to stack them!

Can he add the sixth block?

Making the ultimate tower of mega-power

A different stack collapses

Being cute

Previously, he only knocked down block towers. We are excited to see him building his own towers.

Also at the library, he enjoys the simple pleasure of sitting and reading a book.

A book he can identify with

All done!

He doesn't limit his reading to the library.

At home, at the table

He's an expert at turning pages and holding the book right-side-up. He even babbles along as he flips pages, with occasional real words coming out of his mouth.

The most infamous skill he has acquired is best shown in a video...

At least he hasn't figured out how to walk through, though that is surely to come shortly!

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