Monday, June 19, 2017

Enchanted Garden, Miller Branch of HCLS

Howard County's library system has been enhancing many of their branches in the past years. At the Miller Branch (in Ellicott City, Maryland) they have built an Enchanted Garden out front. It's a mixture of formal garden and practical garden.

Entrance to the Enchanted Garden

Inside the garden

The branch offers a backpack for kids full of activities to explore different aspects of the garden.

The backpack!

Measuring plants

The garden has some decorations, including a fun statue of blue herons that's really a fountain.

Great Blue Heron fountain

The garden has a small conifer section. The trees are all on the small side, presumably because the garden is recent and they don't have the space for large trees.

Conifer area

One of the conifers

A trellised tunnel leads to a small pond that our toddler enjoyed visiting.

A formal section of the garden

Going thru the trellis

The frog pond

The toddler was sorely tempted to throw stones in the pond but signs clearly forbid it. He still had fun just hanging out with the resident frog.

Posing with a too-tall person

Posing with the frog

This post is about a garden, I suppose I should show some flowers

Some more flowers to meet the quota

Nearby is a fun little gingerbread man.

He's easy to capture but hard to take

The garden also has plenty of seating for people to enjoy the quiet, refreshing atmosphere. Some of the trees and other items have knit coverings for which I couldn't find an explanation.

A warm bench for relaxing

One sitting area had a basket full of decorated stones. My toddler loved to move them from stump to stump.

Fancy rocks

Returning them to the basket

A school bus rock
The garden also has some practical aspects to it, including an area for growing herbs and other edible plants.

Some practical plants

Herbs in spring--too early to harvest

The gardeners compost here and occasionally there are classes about composting. We may attend in the future.

Compost bins

A fun practical garden is this pizza garden, featuring tomatoes and toppings for our favorite type of pie!

Pizza garden


The garden does feature some gardeners but we were too shy to talk to them. I guess when we attend a class we will have to talk to them!

Gardeners watering the conifers

The garden is well worth visiting an we are sure to come again.

A little quote to end the post

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