Monday, June 12, 2017

End of Scout Year Activities

The scout year ended recently with a few activities (besides the camping trip). The pack had its annual Raingutter Regatta.

Setting up for the races

The pack invested in inflatable rain gutters, which are much easier to transport than actual rain gutters. And lighter. The boys used straws to blow their boats down the gutter, trying to outrace each other.

My scout about to race

Blowing the boat

 Somehow, an ice cream truck showed up (it was a warm Wednesday evening and we were behind the school, so not visible from the road). A lot of the boys were begging for treats. Our other kids were there and managed to get us to buy a treat. The toddler was especially grateful for a snack.

Sharing an ice cream pop

Opening wide

Memorial Day weekend we went to a local cemetery to put flags on the graves of veterans. We've done it before and were glad to do it again.

At attention receiving instruction

Placing a flag

A job well done

In early June, we had the bridging ceremony, where the boys advanced to their new ranks. My son is now a Webelos scout. The ceremony started with regular awards that the scouts had earned in the past month.

Cubmaster giving my son the bag o'awards

They gave out special awards to everyone who went camping in the spring and were able to light fires with steel and flint, which meant my son got an award and also my daughter, who was not present. Big brother brought it home for her.

Getting the firestarter pin

After the awards the bridging ceremony started, each den going up in turn.

Crossing the bridge

Wearing his new Webelos neckerchief

The evening concluded with ice cream sundaes for everyone involved. A great time was had by all.

Ice cream station

Our next scout adventure is the beloved Cub Scout day camp at the end of June. Look for it soon!

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