Monday, June 5, 2017

Cute Kid Pix May 2017

More pictures that didn't make their own post!

The library is still a source of fun and crafts for our toddler, including a special Maisy program featuring Lucy Cousins's mouse. The craft was making wearable mouse ears!

I need help with the glue!

Choosing the right color

Wearing his work

The toddler is getting better at using word, though he is not quite good. One day I ate a left-over half of a hamburger. He kept telling me I was eating a "booger." Yikes!

Lunch can be gross at times

The school had their annual carnival, which we have reported on before (here, here, and here). The Chick-fil-A cow was back, along with face painting and the fire department.

Toddler cowed by a cow

Daughter with fun face paint...

...and a dolphin on her arm

Sitting in the cab of the fire truck

The wheel is bigger than the toddler 

My wife and I went to a gala evening (dancing and auction) for our local church to raise money for the school. We had a good time and luckily there was a photo booth, otherwise we would never have gotten any pictures!

Dressed up for dancing



My wife's work had a family visiting day which also had a photo booth, otherwise we would have again been caught forgetting to take pictures.

Posing with my son, the reverse centaur

Goofy faces

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