Wednesday, May 25, 2016

FRES Carnival 2016--Part II

After enjoying the obstacle course and rock climbing wall, we decided to go inside, i.e. out of the sun. The FRES Carnival had plenty of indoor attractions. The games included the classic cake walk. My son played it twice but didn't win either time.

Starting the cake walk

My son comes around the corner

He was more successful at the mini-golf challenge. He had three balls to hit, trying to get at least one in the hole.

Where's the third ball?

My daughter tried it out but her skills are not fully developed yet.

Daughter trying it out

My daughter was more satisfied with with the face painting and the new glitter tattoos.

Butterfly--a face paint classic!

Getting a glitter tattoo

A happy customer

Red dart frog

The other popular indoor activity was buying (and eating) food. Since it was a carnival, my daughter decided to have some classic carnival food.

Cotton candy! (toddler wants some)

Buffalo Wild Wings mascot trying to scare high five the toddler

Back outside, my son tried the horse racing game. He didn't quite get the bouncing down right away, but he did have a lot of fun.

Breaking out of the gate

Turning around to go back!?!

We had a great time and are sure to go back next year.

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