Monday, May 9, 2016

First Communion 2016

First communion has come for our first born son! The long year of preparation has been exciting and challenging. The challenges have been extra classes and some extra homework to fit into our busy schedule. But this sacrament is the most important thing, so everything else has given way.

First communicant photos in the church's narthex

Close up of my son

Toddler looks for his photo--doesn't realize he has a six or seven year wait

In the last few weeks of preparation, we received an email from the religious education department asking if our son would be a lector at the Mass. He agreed readily and we practiced at home. In the final week before the happy event, we went to the church to read in the actual building. Since no photography was allowed during the Mass, I took a quick snap at the rehearsal. Naturally, on the day of the event, he was wearing much nicer clothes.

Reading at rehearsal

Close up

Okay, so someone else snapped an unauthorized photo!

Saturday morning the much nicer clothes came out for both my son and my daughter (who is just along for the liturgy).

The first communion suit

Dressed up for big brother's big day

The toddler was less cooperative dressing.

He lacks...focus

Happily the toddler used up his reserve of uncooperativeness at home and was quiet and low-maintenance for most of the Mass. My son did a great job reading the First Reading. He had a strong voice and good inflection. He was even better at communion, which was a happy and blessed moment.

When Mass finished, the first communicants processed out for a picture on the church steps. The picture was taken by the Director of Religious Education, who is posting/posted it on Facebook.

The children took the outside route to the church's social hall while the families and friends walked through the narthex and down some stairs to the hall.

Waiting in the social hall

Individual photos of the communicants were taken in the social hall and also posted on Facebook.

My son gets his snap

At the reception we picked up his certificate and a special gift, a cross. My son also got a hug from his religious education teacher. At one point during the homily, the pastor asked for the most holy girl and most holy boy to come up to help him with the homily. He wound up choosing two random children and asking them a bunch of questions. I mention it because the teacher said the first boy she thought of was my son!

With his teacher

Back at the house we had a big party with lots of friends. The weather cleared so the kids played outside while the adults chatted and ate inside. It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures! We did get some pictures afterward while presents were opened.

Opening the first present with scribe dutifully taking notes in the back

Reading a card

It was a blessed day. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate and special thanks to those who worked hard getting the events going and keeping them moving smoothly.

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