Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Releasing Butterflies

My daughter received a "grow your own butterflies at home" kits for Christmas. Since Spring is finally springing, we sent off for the starter jar of caterpillars. I forgot to take early pictures, but the growth phase was fascinating. A tiny jar with five little critters came in the mail a few weeks ago. We followed instructions carefully. We watched as the critters turned into normal-looking caterpillars. About a week later, they formed their chrysalises. A week after, some beautiful painted lady butterflies poked their way out.

The instructions said to let them out after a week on a day of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The day came and my daughter took the butterfly cage outside to release them.

A cage fit for a butterfly

 Outside, a quick unzipping meant freedom for the butterflies.

Opening the cage

The expected burst of butterflies flying off to freedom did not happen. The butterflies were a bit reluctant to leave such a nice home, so my daughter had to reach in to try and help them out.

The orange slice was a happy home. Eventually the creature got himself off the orange.

First free 'fly

The butterfly walked across the front porch to the wood chips nearby!

Crossing the barren desert

Butterfly close up

The other butterflies were fairly patient waiting to come out. Next came a butterfly sitting on the tinfoil where the orange had been.

Who's next?

Laying him outside

The next two actually walked onto my daughter's hand a flew off on a fresh breeze. The last fellow made another ground exit.

Putting the tinfoil back in to get another butterfly

Last release

The experience was a lot of fun and we will probably order another cuppa caterpillars, with the plan to document things from the beginning!

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