Monday, May 30, 2016

BSA--We Remember 2016

On Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, my son's scout pack participated in the local "We Remember" service at the Ivy Hill Cemetery in Laurel, Maryland. In tribute to those who served in our country's military, the scouts put new American flags on the graves of veterans.

At attention for the ceremony

Before we began our work, a representative from the local American Legion post introduced a currently serving member of the armed forces. She told us how her parents were immigrant and she wanted to help defend this country who helped them and so many others have a better life.


Hearing from a soldier

Her speech was short but touching. Then we were assigned different sections of the graveyard. We looked at the gravestones for ones that mentioned either a service the person was in or a conflict where they served. We also had maps that indicated graves of veterans where the headstones or monuments did not mention their service.

Making a hole for the flag

Planting another flag

A World War II vet

While at the graveyard, someone discovered a fawn taking a little snooze underneath one of the trees. No one got too close to scare the animal away. Even from a distance it looked very cute.

Fawn taking nap

Close up

It was heartening to look back on our work as we left.

New flags among old stones

Another section of the cemetery

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