Friday, May 20, 2016

Dice Masters: Classic Legion of Doom OP

I went to another Dice Masters tournament at my friendly local gaming store, the Family Game Store. This month featured the Classic Legion of Doom, as in the one from the old Super Friends cartoon. The Legion of Doom was the natural opposite of the Justice League. Lex Luthor was the Legion's head and seemingly every hero at the Justice League had an iconic opposite on the Legion. Batman had Scarecrow (why not Joker?), Wonder Woman had Cheetah, Green Lantern had Sinestro, Aquaman had Black Manta, etc. The tournament was a rainbow draft format using the new World's Finest DC Dicemasters set.

During the drafting, I had a hard time choosing between mostly villains or mostly Batman Family. The other major faction in the set is Team Superman which I did not get much of (those cards kept going around, so it seemed like no one was particularly interested). My final team was mostly villains, with a few Batman allies (Robin, Batgirl, and Catwoman (not a villain on the card I got)) to fill out the roster.

My team

Doomsday was a heavy hitter for fairly cheap (four energy cost) but he required another villain in the field in order to attack or block, making things difficult at certain points. In retrospect, I should have taken the basic action Villainous Pact that lets players pay an energy to make a character die a villain for that turn. Then I could have made a sidekick or one of the Batfolk into villains.

My other quality card was Two-Face, who would do double damage when blocked, but the extra damage went straight to the other player and not to the blocking character. Nobody bothered blocking him. His five cost made him harder to buy so he didn't get his second die out in any of the games I played.

I won my first game fairly quickly with just one Two-Face die coming around several times. My second game I faced a player who had the Superwoman card that costs five energy but can be purchased for only three energy if all are bolt energy. Her card also has a global ability that lets a player spend one energy of any type to turn all other energy to bolts. So my opponent bought his two Superwoman dice on his first two turns and then proceeded to pound on me. He had a lot of luck rolling her highest level and inflicting maximum damage.

In the end, I came in second for the contest, garnering me the participation prize (Black Manta special art card) and the Lex Luthor Legion of Doom card.

Second place winnings

The tournament was not as fun as previous tournaments. We were talking afterward and agreed that several of the cards were far too overpowered with no mitigating counter-cards in the draft. Without seeing an opponent's team beforehand, choosing how to counteract a Superwoman or Two-Face is impossible. I hope the just-releasing Marvel Civil War set is better!

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