Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FRES Carnival 2016--Part I

The kids' school had their spring carnival in mid-May. We went a little early to set up the Cub Scout table. We got there as things were starting and just barely had the table set up in time.

The scouts table

The recruitment effort was successful--we had eight interested people give us contact information.

My son was eager to get to the fun stuff, so we headed off to buy tickets for the various games. The first thing he wanted to try was an inflatable obstacle course.

Inflatable obstacle course


My boy starts the race

Climbing in the middle of the course

At the finishing line

He ran the course four times. Three of the times I remembered to clock him. His fastest time was eighteen seconds (or, literally, eighteen Mississippis). These courses are always a favorite with him.

The other big hit was the rock climbing wall. Again, he tried it four times to see how high he could climb. His first ascent wasn't too high, but he improved as the day wore on.

Getting the harness on!

Hooking on to the wall

First ascent

Top of the first ascent

Top of the second climb

Starting the third time

Passed by another kid


Tied for height

Top performance

My daughter decided to try it as well. She didn't get as high but had a great time anyway.

Suiting up

Starting her ascent

Reaching for the star(fish)

Her top level

Repelling back down

More in the next post!

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