Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Garlic Scapes 2017

Back in the fall we planted garlic with the hope of a bounteous harvest. This spring, the garlic tops are amazingly high and lush.

Leafy garlic

 One of the benefits of growing your own garlic is access to garlic scapes, the flower bud of the garlic plant. Removing them helps to thicken the garlic and the scapes make delicious eating.


Picking the right part of the plant

This bud's for you

Happy harvester?!?

Back in the house we got to work, by which I mean we made our daughter do most of it.


Cutting the bud out

Carefully halving

Cutting it

Getting to the heart of it

Our first dish using scapes had the flower buds cooked in butter and served over malfada noodles.

Cooked in butter

Dramatic side shot!

Scape noodles

We also added them to our focaccia recipe.

Pouring the oil/scape mix on the dough

Ready to cook!

Happy with results

A closer look

A happy chef

Both of these "recipes" were our own invention. We felt the noodles better showed off the delicate garlic flavor of the scapes. The scapes on the focaccia got a bit overcooked and weren't as flavorsome. Next time, we would add the scapes to the focaccia at the end of cooking.  Even so, everyone enjoyed going from harvest to table.

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