Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bowie Baysox Vs Trenton Thunder 2018

My son and I went to a Bowie Baysox game (they are the AA team under the Baltimore Orioles) as part of a school spirit night. We got there early enough to get snacks (a big pretzel and popcorn) and see the first pitch thrown out by a Cub Scout, because it was also Cub Scout night.

First pitch

Our seats were just three rows back from front row, so we had an awesome view of the game. We were right over the visitor dugout. The Baysox were playing the Trenton Thunder, the AA team for the New York Yankees.

View from our seats

My son looking cool

The Thunder took an early lead, score four runs in the first inning. Our team was able to score once in the same inning but they never really got going after that. It was a tough slog for home team fans.

First inning, Trenton at bat

More action

The game had plenty of other entertainment going on. Louie, the team's mascot, wandered around the stands and occasionally participated in on-field activities.

The mascot

Right in front of us, they had a trivia match after the end of an inning. The announcer asked the guy in the blue shirt how many RBIs Ken Griffey Jr. had in 1997. He guessed six, which was not the right answer. The other guy had to say if the right answer was higher or lower. He guessed higher and won, since Griffey had 147.

Trivia showdown

Between another set of innings, the mascot had a dance-off with a Cub Scout and another boy. The Scout won!

Starting the dance-off

Blue and green fight it out

Later on, another scout had the chance to run from the back wall and steal second base. He was able to run, grab the base, and make it back to the wall with two seconds to spare.

Stealing second

At yet another break in the action, the announcer grabbed me and asked me if I wanted to do a trivia challenge. I agreed. He asked me to choose the horse that didn't win the Triple Crown from a list of four horses. I recognized Secretariat, so that was easy to eliminate. I'd heard of Gallant Fox and Assault, so I went with the other answer, Sunday Silence. I was right and won a t-shirt, beer cozy, and bottle opener/key ring.

Well-gotten gains

Toward the end of the game, they had a challenge with two sons trying to put three inflatable rings over their respective parent. It was a fun race and we all thought the kid in the orange shirt would win, but the green-shirted guy managed to pull off a tie.

Large rings...

...onto parents

A tie!

A local exterminator sponsored a "smash the roach" challenge where a patron was given a large pink bat. She chased down someone dressed as a cockroach and gave him a beat down. It was sort of hilarious.

Explaining the rules

Roach bashing

The final event was a sort of tug-of-war with two people tethered together. One of them had to drag the other far enough so he or she could but dodge balls in a bin. It ended surprisingly quickly.

Maybe it's a variation on tetherball?

The game ended with the Baysox losing 7 to 2. Even with the loss, we still had a fun time at the game.

Final score

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