Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Savage Fest 2018

We took our prescholar to the 2018 Savage Fest in Savage, Maryland. Most of the activities were on the lawn of Carrol Baldwin Hall in the heart of Savage (which is not a big town to begin with). We had fun exploring a variety of activities.

One street of Savagefest

They had a petting zoo, which was a big hit with the older kids in previous years. Our youngest was a bit too young to want to feed or even touch the animals. He liked looking from a distance. He did not want a pony ride.

Ducks and our son too shy to make contact

A little porker

Nearby was a "crazy hat" station where visitors could try on silly hats. Again, our boy was too shy to give it a try. I had to step in.

Me, hot-headed?

Luckily, the Savage Fire Department was nearby to help me out. Our boy was brave enough to stand by the truck's tires, which are as big as he is. He also wanted to get in the cab of the fire truck, which was fun to explore.

Fire Department on display

Almost as tall as the tire

A fun ride

Close up of above

Tools of the trade

The most fun thing at the fest was the bubble-making guy on the central lawn. He had a large plastic tub full of solution and two sticks with a loop of rope between to make the bubble wand. He blew some enormous bubbles. He had a smaller set of sticks that other people could try out. Of course, for the kids the main attraction was popping the bubbles, especially the enormous ones.

Bubbles in the air!

A large one

Such a weird shape

Dad and daughter try out the small wand

A bubble bigger than a person's head!

A stage had a rotation of live bands. We listened to some music right after we bought a snow cone for our son.

Band on the fest

We saw a corn hole game and our son wanted to try. Since the targets were over fifteen feet apart, he had a tough time making the shots. He had a lot of fun, though.

A good throw

We had a lot of fun at Savage Fest and look forward to next year.

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