Monday, June 4, 2018

Cute Kid Pix May 2018

The library wound up its spring sessions of preschool classes in May. My prescholar had only gone to two or three "Just for Me" classes before he attended the final one, where he "graduated." The craft was making a graduation hat!


The class is a preparation for preschool/kindergarten, where the kids will have to pay attention, stay in lines, and follow a teacher's instructions. He's done well the few times I peaked through the windows at him--the class really is just for the two- to five-year olds. Usually the class ends with the parents returning to the classroom for a last song. It's fun and we will miss it.

He has been reading to himself at home!

Caught in the act!

My older son came in with top honors for the Math Olympiad at his school. He got a trophy!

A cool trophy

The school also had an enrichment night to celebrate all the extra-curricular activities in which the children participate. The evening started with musical performances from band and orchestra. My son and his friend reprised their "Wipeout" performance. My daughter gave a solo cello performance.

Wipeout duet

Solo Cello

The school's media center (library) had displays of various projects on which the children worked. One of the projects my son worked on was inventing a musical instrument. He came up with a Bottlekazoo, which is fun.


He had a unit on space exploration and made a model Mars rover.

Martian car

My daughter was part of a team that worked on building a hurricane-proof house. Their final project is very impressive looking.

Hurricane-proof house

She showed us a slide show she created for a project on immigration.

Finding the best slide

It was a fun fair, and a sign that the end of the school year is approaching.

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