Thursday, October 27, 2011

Captain Dad Blog

I've found a new, entertaining and useful blog: It's not Mr. Mom, it's CAPTAIN DAD. Billing itself as "The Manly Blog of Stay at Home Parenting," the writing puts a smile on my face and gives me new ideas to try or consolation that I'm not the only one undergoing the crazy things my kids are doing to me. He acknowledges what we've said all along. Sleep Deprivation is real and devastating.

Still the best Hulk on the screen
My other favorite of what I've read there is about green parenting. I feel he and I are in the same boat. We often try out experiments that go horribly awry. Luckily, neither of us has gamma-irradiating equipment.

Though he does have a post on The Nuclear Option that is tempting us to try it out on Jacob and Lucy.

The author of the blog, Pat Byrnes, is an illustrator who has worked on several books for dads and for general consumption. His posts often have delightful drawings to go along with his witty writing. Go check it out!

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