Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick Review: Zombiefication: A Short Film

In case you are wondering why there hasn't been some zombie apocalypse safety awareness campaign based on airplane safety demonstrations (and let's face it, who hasn't?), then you haven't seen Zombiefication: A Short Film.

The short is set in a movie theater and goes through the standard airline safety tropes with a zombie spin. For example, the theater is equipped with zombie pacification equipment under the seats and the lady informs the viewers to get their own weapons out before helping others around them with their weapons. How to take out a zombie and what to do if you are bitten are also covered.

The production quality is amazingly high. The zombies look as good as the best of TV and movie zombies (if "look as good" is the right way to put it). Don't watch this with little kids. The actors do a great job, hitting just the right tone. The pacing is a little slow and some of the jokes aren't edited tightly enough to bring out the most humor.

The movie is available for download from iTunes here or for watching on YouTube here. I recommend YouTube, because you are not likely to watch it more than once, other than to show it off to your friends. Make sure they are friends who would be into it. Don't forget the wisdom of xkcd:

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