Sunday, October 30, 2011

CDC Zombie Fever Hit Ohio

From The Marion Star:

COLUMBUS (AP) - A central Ohio county is preparing for a zombie outbreak on Halloween, hoping to train responders for more likely emergencies through an exercise inspired by a tongue-in-cheek blog posting from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that urged people to be prepared for a "zombie apocalypse."
More than 225 volunteers in Delaware County north of Columbus signed up to dress as zombies Monday in a drill for officials who would deal with real-life situations involving hazardous materials and disaster response. Emergency responders will test their capabilities as they use standard decontamination procedures to "treat" the zombies and make them "human" again during the exercise at Ohio Wesleyan University.
"People got zombie fever here in Delaware," said Jesse Carter, a spokesman for the local health district.

Who knew that make-up remover could cure zombies?

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