Friday, October 21, 2011

CDC at It Again

The CDC marches forward with new zombie apocalypse preparedness materials. Most people would call it a comic book, but they prefer the term graphic novella, which I believe is used by no one else in the comics industry, the publishing industry, or the emergency preparedness industry. Far be it from me to suggest the CDC is out of touch with reality!

Be that as it may, their zombie preparedness book is mildly entertaining bit of edutainment (I would have said infotainment, but as the link clearly shows, that term only applies to television programs). The content is kid-friendly, with no one getting eaten and the worst swear being "Oh my gosh!" Given the twist ending, I was surprised by the disclaimer on the final page that the story is fictional. But of course!

The comic includes a checklist of supplies for an emergency, which is almost as good as actually having the supplies gathered and easily accessible for when you have to hit the road (though in the story, the main characters shelter in place for a whole week, which gave them plenty of time to get their kit together).

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