Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jacob the Boxer

One of Jacob's birthday presents is Kinect Sports, a game for the Xbox. It's easy to play because the Kinect uses a camera to translate body movement into game play. The game includes soccer, bowling, track and field, boxing, volleyball, and table tennis.

Some games are easier than others. Bowling and boxing aren't too challenging for Jacob. Track and field and volleyball involve a lot of complicated moves; table tennis demands good timing. Jacob doesn't do quite as well with these, but he can still play them and enjoys himself even though he doesn't come anywhere near winning. (If only we all felt that way when playing games).

Jacob's favorite game is boxing. He's played that more than all the others combined.

Jacob's avatar hopes into the ring

Victory at the end!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, so a video is worth a thousand pictures, right? At least it's made up of a thousand pictures (more or less).

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