Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knaresborough Edwardian Christmas Market 2011, 5th Day of UK Christmas

On 4 December, we went up to Knaresborough for their Edwardian Christmas Market in the market square. We parked on the wrong side of town and to walk far, uphill, and across train tracks to get to the festival.

Jacob asks the perennial question, "How much further!?!"

Once we arrived, we saw many booths selling all sorts of crafts, foods, drinks (including beer and wine), and raffles. We wandered amongst them all trying to decide what to buy.

View down the main thoroughfare

Jacob and Mommy didn't know what to do first!

Another street of sellers

We did buy roasted chestnuts. They weren't the easiest items to eat. The first trick is shelling them to get to the warm, meaty part of the nut. The shells cracked fairly easily but not evenly and some bits of the shell stuck to the meat quite tenaciously. They tasted alright as long as the burnt parts came off.

Jacob and Lucy were not at all impressed or satisfied by chestnuts roasted on an open fire. Since the day was chilly, we went into the Lavender Rooms (right above the "oldest chemist shop in the UK") for some tea and treats. When we first sat down, we were the only ones in our room. Service was fast and delicious. Jacob ordered some flapjack and juice, Lucy had carrot cake and juice, Mommy and Daddy had tea and scones. It was quite delicious and warmed us up considerably. We saw a troop of girls dance in the road below our window. Jacob and Lucy enjoyed watching. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed having a distraction that allowed for more tea drinking time.

Soon the room began to fill up and the dancers took a break. Jacob decided it was time to check out the toilet and bring Mommy too. Lucy decided to tag along. More people started poking their heads in looking for a table, so I decided to get the check and pay it and make our table available. I did so and returned to the chemist's downstairs to peruse the candies on sale. My family eventually came downstairs. Jacob told me he went back in our dining room and was surprised to see different people at our table. Luckily, Mommy figured it out quickly and guided the children downstairs.

Once back on the street, we spotted one of the few vendors dressed in an Edwardian outfit.

Not exactly Edwardian merchandise, though!

We went to the stage to enjoy the music of the Knaresborough Silver Band. They were quite good and we were pleased to put more than a penny in their hat.

One of the songs was a little too loud for Jacob, so we started walking again. I noticed some of the building had a rather unusual decoration up above their windows. Were those Christmas trees stuck into flag pole holders? I have since noticed this festive decoration on many other buildings in many other towns, but I am sure I never saw such a thing back in the States. Maybe someday the trend will cross the pond.

Flags of Our Father Christmas?

Unfortunately nap time prevented us from staying until the 4:30 p.m. fireworks spectacular. Maybe next year we will see them.

I did buy some beers from the Cropton Brewery booth to take home. One of them is called Rudolph's Revenge and was part of the inspiration for the forthcoming post comparing Christmas-themed seasonal ales.

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  1. That looks like one cold band. The christmas tree flagpole is cool -- never seen that before!