Thursday, December 15, 2011

Open Letter to Santa Claus

Jacob wanted to write a letter to Santa. Since we don't have his UK address, we thought he would be able to see it on the blog and respond appropriately during the wee hours of Christmas morning. Here it is, Santa!

Dear Santa,

We saw Alphie robot and that was pretty cool. We were surprised about that. And can you bring that to me for Christmas.

I've been a good boy and we saw a black catching game and that was really tough. Mommy said we had to push the button really quickly.

We used to live in Maryland and now we live in England. And we went to Belgium too, Santa. And Bruges. We stayed on a hotel on the boat. The boat was so big it had a hotel and massage chairs. So, Santa, we first rode on the boat hotel for a really long trip and then we stayed at a hotel that was not on a boat in Bruges. They brought us railings to keep us from falling off the beds on the boat. So Santa in Bruges on the way we came back from it we rode on a boat and they had a little microphone to make some announcements.

Is your sleigh okay and is your reindeers okay?

From Jacob

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