Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick Review: Zombiewood Weekly

Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Dead Exposedis a parody of glossy entertainment magazines found in grocery store checkout lines across the world. Each page has one to three gag paragraphs on a famous person (including a full color zombie portrait) and what they are doing now that they have become zombies.

The celebrities run from the standards (Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Oprah) to classic actors (John Wayne and Elvis Presley, among others) to people I've never heard of (Tila Tequila? Sounds like a cartoon spokeswoman for liquor not a model turned singer). The more you are in tune with pop culture, the more humor you will find. For me, the portraits are a little too gruesome and undercut the humor. The illustrations aren't really humorous, just zombifications of famous people. That might appeal to some people. You know who you are!

The author and illustrator, Rob Sacchetto, has a blog with many zombie portraits and has his own Zombie Handbook for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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