Friday, December 30, 2011

UK Library Christmas Storytime, 6th Day of UK Christmas

We went to one of the local libraries for their Christmas story time and craft. We managed to arrive early and settled in for some interesting stories. Jacob piped up with comments in between stories, which was a little unusual for him, though I'm glad he is feeling comfortable enough to talk. If only the librarian had asked some questions first! She read Olivia Helps with Christmas and A Merry Little Christmas Celebrate From A to Z by Mary Englebreit and another story about a mouse who opens presents early and spoils her own Christmas. I can't remember the title. Anyway, they were delightful stories.

Lucy wandered around a bit. She wasn't disruptive but she definitely wasn't paying attention. At one point she decided to sit in Jacob's lap, which was uber-cute, and I do have the pictures to prove it.

Don't look at me, look at the librarian!

She also lounged on the alligator you can see at the bottom of the picture (if only it were a dragon, that would be so cool!). And she sat in my lap too. She wanted me to read her some other book while the librarian was reading about the naughty mouse. Naughty Lucy!

Then came craft time, which was one of the classic yuletide activities: decorating gingerbread men.

Feet, hands, and hats had already been decorated before the kids took their turns

Lucy was definitely more interested in the craft than Jacob was. She put on icing. She affixed candy buttons for his shirt and collar. She put gold and silver sprinkles all over. Jacob just used the sprinkles on his man. The results were beautiful and, as we discovered later, tasty too!

Lucy and her finished product

Jacob points out his masterpiece.

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